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SaskWatch Research recruits relevant participants for any research project

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

How do SaskWatch members get invited to participate in research that is relevant to them?

To be effective, research has to be focused.

One of the ways researchers assure the focus of their research is through careful selection of research participants.

Think of it this way, you would never ask a group of vegetarians to offer opinions on the menu of a barbeque restaurant.

It wouldn’t make any sense to do so, as they are a group that generally has little to do with the consumption of smoked and grilled meats.

In this specific situation, the opinions of vegetarians wouldn’t be very representative of the usual group who would patronize that restaurant, so the opinions they would share about the menu would not be especially valuable to the owner of that business.

But what if you were the owner of a barbeque restaurant who was looking to expand its share of the market by appealing to a broader potential customer base?

Then, speaking to a group of vegetarians would be especially helpful, as they represent a group of people who usually would not frequent that barbeque restaurant.

Knowing how vegetarians feel about that restaurant’s menu would be especially valuable – because the restaurant’s owner could take what they learned and develop new meatless alternatives to appeal to that potential share of the market.

This is why targeted recruitment is so important.

To get actionable and insightful data from research, that research must involve the right people for the right question.

That is why SaskWatch members only participate in research that is relevant to them.

SaskWatch Research always ensures the participants invited to participate in any research project are deeply profiled, engaged, committed and especially suited to that project, and we do this in several ways.

Profile Surveys

Whenever a new member joins SaskWatch Research, before they ever participate in any research, they are asked to complete a series of profile surveys.

These profile surveys are exhaustive, and involve demographic questions like location of residence, age and gender to get a superficial understanding of who the panelist is – and that’s where many online market research panels stop.

SaskWatch Research is different because we delve deeper than superficial demographic questions to find out who our panelists really are, what their characteristics are and what their lives really look like.

SaskWatch Research profile surveys ask panelists about their highest level of achieved education, lifestyle, annual income, personal interests and hobbies, type of employment, makeup of their household, number of children, how long they have lived in Canada – the list goes on and on.

Panelists are required to keep their profile information current and up to date at all times.

What is important to note is that through the process of getting to know our panelists very well through exhaustive profile surveys, we develop a complete picture of their characteristics to tell us who they really are.

This process ensures SaskWatch members always only participate in research that is relevant to them – which results in better, deeper and more actionable insights.

Selective Recruitment

Every time a new research project is begun, the SaskWatch Team gets to work identifying just which participants should be involved.

They do this by digging into the panelist profiles mentioned above and examining the research problem to identify the ideal participant group for each research project.

They are highly selective, choosing only the most relevant panelists to participate and matching them based on criteria that is specific to nearly every research project.

Once selected, an email invitation is extended to the chosen panelists to participate in the research by either completing surveys, attending focus groups or participating in discussions.

With the size of the SaskWatch Research panel, which is demographically representative of the general population of the province, it is never difficult to locate and recruit the ideal participants with the right characteristics for any research project.

SaskWatch Has Engaged Panel Members

Matching select panelist characteristics to a research problem is just the beginning. It is also crucial to motivate SaskWatch panelists so they remain interested, engaged and committed to the research project itself, and the research process as a whole.

SaskWatch Research ensures the individuals who make up our panel are engaged because we only recruit individuals who want to make a difference and have their voices heard about issues that matter to them, and about products or services that are entering their market.

SaskWatch members are personally invested in, and committed to, the research they participate in because that research affects the communities in which they live.

Further, SaskWatch Research incentivizes the research process, rewarding panelists with Rewards Points they can redeem for money every time they engage in the research process.

SaskWatch Research also provides members the opportunity to donate their earned points to the charity of their choice rather than being paid out themselves. In this way, we encourage our members to engage in research though their desire to give back to their communities.

By incentivizing research, and recruiting those who have a vested and stated interest in participating in research that will affect them, their neighbours and the province itself, SaskWatch ensures it maintains and engaged and committed group of panel members.

SaskWatch Research Members Are the Right Fit for Any Research

No matter what research problem is being investigated, it is critical that it involves the right people for that particular research problem.

That’s why SaskWatch Research ensures every new member of the panel completes several exhaustive profile surveys to allow researchers to develop a complete and accurate profile of their characteristics.

They use these panelist profiles to recruit deeply profiled, engaged and committed participants who are relevant to the research itself – ensuring the insights that result from the research are relevant and actionable every time.

SaskWatch also ensures the panelists who participate in research are engaged and committed to it. We do this through incentivization and by ensuring those who we recruit have a genuine interest in the research process and its outcomes.

If you would like to know more about SaskWatch Research and how we recruit only relevant research participants, please contact us.

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