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The SaskWatch community helps the Saskatchewan community

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

SaskWatch members can choose to donate their survey earnings to their favourite charities

SaskWatch Research is a great way to earn some extra money and give back to your community.

SaskWatch members earn Rewards Points they can redeem for money every time they participate in research or refer a friend to join the panel.

Once members have saved up enough Rewards Points from their activities as a member of the panel, they can choose to redeem them to receive a cheque mailed to them – or members can choose to donate their points to any of the charities that are listed on and provide much-needed donations to the causes that matter most to them.

Which Saskatchewan Charities Can I Donate My Points to?

There are many charities listed on the SaskWatch website that members can choose to donate their points to – at last count, there were more than 80 separate charities listed!

The charities and non-profit organizations that are listed on the site are chosen by SaskWatch members themselves – SaskWatch Research loves to provide the opportunity for members to donate to the causes that matter most to them, but we would never tell members what those causes should be.

If you have a charity in mind that you would like to see featured on SaskWatch, you can contact us to let us know.

All you need to provide is the name of the charity you would like to see listed on SaskWatch and its charity registration number – you can find this information either on that charity’s website or through the Canada Revenue Agency website.

Once we verify the status of the charity’s registration, we will add the charity you suggest to the list on SaskWatch.

And since they are listed on SaskWatch, other members of the community will be able to locate them and donate their points to them, as well!

SaskWatch Gives Back to the Saskatchewan Community

Over the years, SaskWatch members have been an important source of donations for many charitable organizations and non-profits in Saskatchewan.

And since many of these charities and non-profit organization depend on donations to cover their operating costs and activities, the donations made by our members have a real impact – both on the charities our members care about most and in the communities they live.

Since SaskWatch Research began in 2008, our members have donated more than half a million points to the charities and non-profit organizations of Saskatchewan – making a real difference and building a better tomorrow for everyone in the province.

But SaskWatch Research members don’t just help within Saskatchewan – they help out where help is needed.

In 2016, when a wildfire swept through the city of Fort McMurray in Alberta damaging the city itself and forcing the evacuations of thousands of the city’s residents, SaskWatch members reached out and donated to help.

Their donations were matched by SaskWatch’s parent company, Insightrix Research, and as a result, SaskWatch members were able to be a part of a $15,447 donation to Red Cross Canada that they used to help out the people of Ft. McMurray at a time when they really needed it.

It All Adds Up!

Charitable donations don’t have to be large (like the one mentioned above) to make a difference.

The donations SaskWatch members make to charities and non-profits usually only amount to tens of dollars – not thousands or even hundreds.

As members reach their minimum cash-out total of Rewards Points (150 points or $15), many use the simple process on to donate to their favourite charities.

Some members mix it up ,choosing new non-profit organizations each time they donate. And others pick the charity that matters most to them and donate to them every time – it’s up to them.

What matters is that by choosing to donate even the minimum number of points, members are providing important resources to charities who may not have seen that donation in the first place. And, as the old saying goes, every penny adds up!

SaskWatch Members Make a Difference

Whether it is having their opinion heard about issues that matter to them, or providing feedback on products or ads that will be featured in the province – or through donating the Rewards Points they earn from participating in research or referring friends – SaskWatch members make a real difference in the province of Saskatchewan.

If you would like to join SaskWatch, just head to the Home Page and sign up – it’s super easy and you’ll be able to start earning Rewards Points to donate to the causes and issues that matter most to you.

And if you’re already a member, why not consider donating some of your Rewards Points to one of the more than 80 charities and non-profit organizations listed on SaskWatch?

They would really appreciate it, and you’ll be doing even more to help out your community – and that’s a win all around!

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