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2013 Bonus Referral Program

Hello everyone,

You are invited to take part in our first 2013 Bonus Referral Program!

– Until Monday, June 3rd, 2013, we are increasing the amount of points you receive per valid referral to 50 points for each person you refer to the SaskWatch panel.

– In order to receive your referral points, the people you refer MUST REGISTER TO SASKWATCH USING YOUR UNIQUE REFERRAL LINK . This is the only way the system will know the referral came from you, and your account will automatically be credited 50 points once those you refer activate their account with SaskWatch.

To receive your unique referral link, please to go the “refer a friend” tab on top of this page and follow the instructions. Your referral link will be emailed to you. You can also see your referral link at the end of every survey you complete.

Hope everyone is enjoying the great weather that finally reached us here in Saskatchewan!

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