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Q’s News

At the end of March, we all welcomed the beginning of SPRING, an exciting time for residents of our province:

  1. By time of this broadcast, 20% of those who answered our new quick poll are already wearing t-shirts.

  2. Saskatchewan children are certainly enjoying spring with their private snow hills (right in their backyards) and looking forward to their very own private lakes (promised to come soon!).

  3. Off-road enthusiasts are thrilled with the increased number of potholes in certain areas.

  4. Unfortunately though (since nothing is ever perfect), plans to build a life-sized snow statue of Godzilla in a major park in Saskatoon have apparently been put on hold. Residents were looking forward to the “Beat that, Drumheller!” pride, but for unknown reasons, the plan didn’t pan out.

SaskWatch saw the beginning of spring with many new panelists and the return of some old-timers too! Thank you all for being active with our panel and for giving us feedback on our services and suggestions for improvement. Here is a summary of new additions to our panel as a result of your input:

In the past quarter, SaskWatch welcomed new charities, thanks to our panelists who made many excellent suggestions. Please keep them coming!

Here is the list of the most recently added charities, with a special thanks to the panelists who recommended them:

  1. Habitat for Humanity – Prince Albert (thanks to Les D.)

  2. Elks and Royal Purple Fund for Children (thanks to Shreya C.)

  3. SCAT Street Cat Rescue (thanks to Diane B.)

  4. Swift Current SPCA (thanks to Jim P.)

  5. L’Arche Saskatoon (thanks to Brenda K.)

  6. People for Animals (thanks to Dona B.)

  7. Prince Albert SPCA (thanks to Twyla G.)

  8. Moose Jaw Humane Society (thanks to Heather B.)

  9. Burrowing Owl Interpretive Centre (thanks to Heather B.)

  10. Battleford’s Humane Society (thanks to Amanda K.)

  11. Wilkie and District Historical Museum Society (thanks to Amanda K.)

  12. New Horizons – Wilkie (thanks to Amanda K.)

We have also launched new survey and compensation types:

Monthly sweepstakes – these surveys will give you one entry to a cash draw (usually for $100 in the form of 1,000 points credited to your account). These are meant for broadcast to the entire panel and include questions that are related to upcoming projects/focus groups, so that you receive invitations to surveys that are relevant to you.

Please note that sweepstakes surveys are BONUS surveys.  You will continue to receive the regular points surveys

You choose how to be compensated – Some SaskWatch members prefer the draw, while others like to receive points.  In order to balance these requests, in some new regular points surveys we will give you the option to receive points upon completion OR enter into a draw.

And last but not least… we have included the ability for you to update your profile (contact information) at the end of every survey.

We thank all those who notified us of changes to their contact information after credit redemption and, in response to your requests, we have made the process simpler for everyone.

Enjoy spring!

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