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SaskWatch Panel Predicts Wastewater Treatment Plant Poll Results in Regina

Some of you may recall participating in a survey a couple of weeks back regarding the public-private-partnership sewage treatment plant in Regina.  This was an independent study Insightrix conducted on its own: no client paid for this research.

The results from the study showed that 55% of you were in favour of the Public-Private-Partnership (P3) approach and 45% of you were in favour of the traditional Design, Bid and Build (DBB) approach.  This lines up very closely with the final results from the referendum: 57% voted for the P3 and 43% for the DBB.

Insightrix Research would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who participated in this specific survey and to also thank everyone for participating in our studies. This is an example of how your participation enables us to provide accurate, reliable information for our clients.


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